A tribute to grandma's kitchen

Today, ingredients and flavors from all corners of the world are readily available – but grandma’s patties still hold a special place in your heart. At Hjemve, we want to rediscover grandma’s kitchen. We pay homage to the classic grandmother’s kitchen, recalling the fond memories and experiences we associate with it, while innovating and refining where it makes sense.

Hjemve is an informal, cozy restaurant with room for family and friends. Here you have the option of a quick dinner with a simple hearty dish, a small menu or a full evening menu. All with inspiration and history from our memories of a good meal at grandma’s house.

Our kitchen is built around dishes and ideas from the heyday of grandma’s kitchen before industrialization; with fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared from scratch with the respect they deserve. Expect a meal that lays a good foundation – but keeps it light and playful.

On Fridays and Saturdays we also invite you in for lunch, serving our favorite classic lunch dishes.

The key idea for both lunch and dinner is the interpretation of classic grandma cuisine with a keen eye on the ever-changing season.